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February, 2011

Development • Line Numbering & Problem “copying”

Hello everybody,

I haven’t found anyone wondering, yet – so I wanted to mention it:

Is it correct that the “editor – option” (which used to be accessible in older versions) < show line numbers > is not available in the current alpha3 (build 1118) ??
I used to go the the <extras –> options –> editor –> “show line numbers (checkbox)”> but it seems to have disappeared in the 1118 build.

Second thing is some kind of suggestion:
Will there be the possibility to copy out of the error console – directly to the clipboard? (ctrl + c). Always when I get an error and I want to look for this error (by copying and pasting into google…) I get mad because I have to type by hand…

Thanks and sorry for the inconvience ^^

Statistics: Posted by skY-Head — Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:32 pm

Templates, Wizards & Tools • Re: Specify Configuration File on Startup

In case it is helpful, I found a workaround. I had to write a script (VBScript) that populated the registry with the necessary values. Then I pointed the shortcut to the script. Unfortunately, one cannot simply export and import a registry file as the required values include linefeeds. Registry import does not support line feeds or carriage returns.

If there is a way to specify a configuration file, I would still like to know. If not, I think this would be an useful feature to add to future versions.

Statistics: Posted by cosine — Fri Feb 11, 2011 11:46 pm

Templates, Wizards & Tools • Specify Configuration File on Startup

I am trying to pre-populate the ouput profiles for a computer lab installation. All attempts using the registry have failed. The ProcessCmd values get wiped out. Is there a way to specify a configuration file on startup? Or has anyone figured out any way to define the output profile automatically for all users?


Statistics: Posted by cosine — Thu Feb 10, 2011 10:56 pm