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April, 2010

Development • Folders remain folded when searching

Dear Devs,

using TXC2a2 built 1071 this bug came up:
When searching for a phrase (by crtl-f window), a folder remains folded and the phrase is not shown up. It is clear the phrase is under that folder and when the section/chapter/fold is unfolded, the phrase shows up high-lightened.

I hope this is not a feature…

Thanks very much for the great work.

Statistics: Posted by zroutik — Fri Apr 30, 2010 1:57 pm

Development • Bookmarks and navigation

Sergiu wrote:
Correct, we have bookmark view instead which is more flexible, though not quite finished.

So in version 1 there was a possibility to get to the place you need in a few keystrokes (Alt+0-9, but also you need to press Ctrl+0-9 at some time to mark the place you want to reach). Will TeXnicCenter 2.0 allow for such a fast document navigation between a few locations as 1.0 did? Probably through adding a macro or through this “more flexible bookmark view”, probably in a bit different way but with a few keystrokes and without a mouse.

Statistics: Posted by fiktor — Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:08 pm